Welcome to driver's ed -- your teacher will be Giancarlo Fisichella

There are so many driving schools out there, it's hard to throw a rock and not hit one. Renault pilot Giancarlo Fisichella is the latest entrant in the branded driving school game, but he's doing it differently. The Fisichella Motorsport Technopole will teach people driving skills via its Motorsport Academy, and will also teach official courses in how to be a mechanic, telemetrist, mechanic, race engineer, or any one of the other jobs required in F1 -- even catering managers and PR flacks. When another round of students graduates, the academy will offer the list of newly minted motorsport experts to all of the teams ... though that probably doesn't include people who've finished the driving school. The academy will be based at the Vallelunga circuit, near Rome.

[Source: Yahoo UK]

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