"Pimp my Vue" preview? Cobra accessories for Opel Antara

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The new 2008 Saturn VUE is almost upon us, but in Europe, it's been out for a while as the Opel Antara. As such, accessories for the Euro-spec car have already hit the scene. The latest batch comes from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle, whose stuff we've covered before. They offer up a full tubular grille guard for the soft-roader, which seems excessive until you think about the way some people park on the street both in Europe and here in the U.S. It's probably just as useful for warding off errant parallel-parking Renaults as it is for branches and brush.

A more subtle front guard is also available, as is a matching set for the rear bumper. A rocker rail with integrated steps aids entry (not that the Vue/Antara has a jacked-up ride by any means), and a traditional running board is also available for those who prefer that look. Finally, Cobra's got a nice set of 18" alloys for the little ute. None of it may be necessary, but it doesn't look half bad.

[Source: Cobra Technology & Lifestyle]

Chrome and Sports from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle:
Exclusive Accessories for the new Opel Antara SUV

Loads of chrome and a large helping of added exclusivity: That's the motto behind Cobra Technology & Lifestyle's exclusive accessories program for the Antara, the new SUV from Opel.

Cobra Technology & Lifestyle lends the German 4x4 an even more striking appearance with elegantly styled elements made from high-gloss stainless steel.

The renowned off-road specialist Cobra Technology & Lifestyle was the first manufacturer to offer stainless-steel front protection systems with European type approval. Naturally the engineers and technicians have developed a custom version thereof for the Opel Antara.

The Cobra Technology & Lifestyle tubular front guard with a tube diameter of 60 millimeters is mounted elastically. It passed the obligatory crash test, demonstrating that it meets the stringent EU guidelines for pedestrian protection. The accessory received its European type approval, eliminating the need for individual technical inspections and other bureaucratic measures.

As an alternative solution the front can be upgraded with the smaller stainless-steel Cobra CITYGUARD® front guard. Its high-gloss tube with a diameter of 48 millimeters is attached to the underside of the front apron.

To facilitate easier entering and exiting the vehicle, and to protect the rocker panels, the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle designers and technicians have developed custom-tailored rocker panel guards with integrated steps. The side tube guards are also made from high-gloss stainless steel with a tube diameter of 80 millimeters. They are sold in a ready-to-install set of two. Alternatively the SUV can be upgraded with Cobra Technology & Lifestyle running boards.

Sporty looks and even more driving fun can be had with the Cobra Sahara 8Jx18 light-alloy wheels with eight double spokes from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle. All Cobra Technology & Lifestyle components are manufactured in OEM quality and come with type approval. All are backed by a warranty of 24 months with unlimited miles.

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