Nice tats: Ford offering "tattoos" for South African Fiesta

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South African Fiesta buyers will soon be able to show off their tats without shedding any clothing. They'll be able to order a special package for their Fiesta that allows them to express their individuality through one of six predetermined designs. The Ford Fiesta Tattoo edition doesn't require any sacrificed skin, just a willingness to be ridiculed ogled. Oh, and R 1415.00 ($200) to R 3960.00 ($550), too. Ford wanted to "show off [the Fiesta's] rebellious side," so they commissioned famous inking artist Milo "Mr. Lucky" Marcel to design some tattoo decals for the cars.

Milo came up with six different designs that mimic some of the most popular skin art themes: Tribal, Sacred Heart, Skulls, Roses, Butterflies and Hearts. Customers can order the decal set on any Fiesta in the lineup. You can read about the inspiration and implementation of each design in the full press release we've posted after the jump. And if you want to see each of the designs in higher-res form, click the image above and it will take you to the gallery.

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The Ford Fiesta will soon show off its rebellious side with the introduction of a new limited edition offering from June 2007. Emblazoned with a variety of striking tattoo designs the Ford Fiesta Tattoo offers a youthful and exuberant attitude that is sure to turn heads.

Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa has embarked on a bold exercise with the introduction of its latest limited edition offering. Ford commissioned renowned tattoo artist Milo "Mr. Lucky" Marcel to design a range of unique tattoo decals, that when displayed on the cars, would create a stir in the city streets.

Milo penned six different designs all of which are available across the entire Fiesta range for a limited period.

"The Fiesta Tattoo range is all about turning heads," explains Andre Oosthuizen, Ford's Marketing Manger. "The designs are bold and flamboyant and represent a fun-loving, free-thinking spirit that we believe embodies the Fiesta brand image."

Milo "Mr. Lucky" Marcel was commissioned to create a variety of designs that would cater to a range of tastes.

"I chose six traditional tattoo themes and then gave them each a unique spin," explains Mr. Lucky. "Each design theme offers something different, meaning the range will cater to a wide variety of tastes and personality types."

The six design themes are: Tribal, Sacred Heart, Skulls, Roses, Butterflies and the Hearts.

"I gave a lot of thought to each design and how it would be incorporated onto the Fiesta," he continued.

"The Tribal design has become very popular in recent years. It can be used to depict a number of different images, and is sure to be a popular choice. The Sacred Heart design, which features an all-seeing-eye emitting rays of light, is bright and vivid. An 'Old School' design with a ' New School' execution.

"The Skulls design offers a more masculine approach. In some cultures it is believed that skulls ward off evil and protect one either spiritually or physically."

The final three designs feature popular tattoo symbols. "Hearts, butterflies and roses are all images that are commonly incorporated into tattoo art," "I gave each of these illustrations a distinct character that is fresh and vibrant, just like the Fiesta."

"It's a very unique approach for us," continues Oosthuizen. "The Fiesta is aimed at a youthful, fun-loving market – it's these attitudes that we've tried to capture with the Tattoo project."

The Ford Fiesta is offered in two body styles: three-door and five-door. There are four different engine options to choose from and a range of four trim levels, meaning you can choose a derivative that suits your specific needs. The Fiesta Tattoo designs are available across the Fiesta range and can be ordered from any Ford dealer.

"There are few better ways to make a statement than in a Fiesta Tattoo," concluded Oosthuizen.

All models feature a 3 year/100 000km warranty as well as a 3year / 100 000km road side assistance plan. Service intervals are 20 000kms on petrol models and 15 000kms on the diesel model. Service and maintenance plans are available as optional extras.

Ford Fiesta Tattoo recommended retail pricing:

(Including application and call out fee, excluding VAT & courier fees)

Tribal R 1415.00

Butterfly R 1430.00

Sacred Heart R 1654.00

Heart & Flames R 3630.00

Roses & Thorns R 3860.00

Skulls R 3960.00

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