Los Jalopniks build a boombox out of car parts

It's not often that a project of this magnitude crosses our computer screens. Say what you will about our friends over at Jalopnik (even you, Wert) -- they know the true meaning of "automotive enthusiast."

The crew at the aforementioned web site has built the Turbo II Junkyard Boogaloo boombox, capable of pumping thrilling beats, flashing better than a disco dance club and making the margaritas to go along with it. Aside from the power outlet, plywood, a few input jacks, the epoxy holding it all together and the special edition NASCAR Jeff Gordon blender, this conglomeration of fuel switches, indicator lights, car speakers and other parts came directly from the junkyard, pulling pieces out of Jaguars, Toyotas, BMWs and other rides to make an old school homemade car battery boombox, just like the first breakdancers made.

A detailed "how-to" accompanies a more general walk-through, and photos of the project abound -- click through "Read" link to check them out.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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