Bosch chairman doesn't see hybrids making a dent in CO2

Robert Bosch GmbH is the largest automotive supplier in the world and the Chairman of their automotive group Dr. Bernd Bohr doesn't see much of a future for hybrids, at least in Europe. Bohr projects that by 2015 less five percent of cars sold in Europe will be hybrids. He doesn't think hybrids of are of any value except in urban driving which is to a large extent true.

However, CAR magazine seems to think this Bohr's argument proves that hybrids will not gain any market traction which is ridiculous. Although most of the Euro manufacturers are developing hybrids, few have actually approved them for production. According to Bohr, the majority of automotive CO2 reductions will come from technology like stop-start systems and improved internal combustion technologies. Not surprisingly Bosch makes stop-start systems and fuel injection and engine management systems but not hybrid transmissions or batteries so Bohr might have a vested interest in putting down hybrids and promoting his own company's tech.

[Source: CAR]

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