Take my ad account, please! Ford puts job of marketing Focus up for grabs

We would rather be tasked with reversing the downward tug of gravity than take on the ad account for the 2008 Ford Focus. The Blue Oval has announced that the account may not be handled by its usual agency, JWT Detroit, and that it's searching for a brave new agency to take on the daunting task of selling the redesigned Focus. JWT Detroit will bid for the account, but sources say Ford would like at least two outside agencies with fresh ideas to also compete for the job.

We were harsh on the 2008 Ford Focus mainly because the car's new styling leaves a lot to be desired. To be blunt, the designers turned the attractive styling of the original Focus that had survived a couple evolutions into a mess of creases, curves and fake vender vents the likes of which we haven't seen since the Saturn ION first arrived. Nevertheless, the new Focus will be significantly lighter than the outgoing model, which should help handling and fuel ecomony; the new SYNC interface developed with Microsoft is supposedly a serious piece of tech; and a coupe body style is being offered in place of the three- and five-door hatchback.

So the 2008 Ford Focus does have positive attributes on which an ad agency can focus its campaign. Nevertheless, it still looks the way it does, which any ad agency worth its weight in pop up ads knows will be extremely difficult to sell.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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