Christopher Borroni-Bird explaining the workings of the Sequel

For the past several years Christopher Borroni-Bird has managed the program that culminated in the creation of the Chevy Sequel concept and the recent successful drive across upstate New York. Speaking to AutoCar, Dr. Borroni-Bird, General Motors wants to "remove the car from the environment and energy debate" over the next decade. He wants to see internal combustion engines completely eliminated from cars in that time span including diesels and hybrids. Borroni-Bird doesn't believe hybrids do anything more than delaying the end game. He wants to see the complete electrification of all vehicles. Although he is certainly correct that electric propulsion systems are the wave of the future, the elimination of internal combustion engines within ten years is probably unrealistic. GM is moving full speed ahead on electrification both with batteries and fuel cells and will leave the fuel production and distribution to others.

[Source: AutoCar]

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