Automakers doggedly pursuing canine needs

America is a nation of dog lovers. Sure, we may be guardians to more cats than dogs, but we will do things for our dogs that might seem silly to others and never give it a second thought. We even take them to the dealership when shopping for a new vehicle because we need to know Fido will be happy with his new chariot, too. In fact, this Tough Pups Gazette article quotes an American Kennel Club study that says nearly half of dog owners take man's best friend into consideration when buying a new car. And now we see that automakers are getting wise to our needs. The "Dog Lover" demographic is now an important one to many marketing agencies, and it's even making on impact on vehicle design.
Things like cargo room, interior materials, floor coverings, safety barriers, and even harnesses are considerations for dog-owning buyers, and automakers are taking notice. The article points out features in cars from Volvo, Subaru, Honda, and Chrysler that meet canine companion needs like steel barriers with plates to shield groceries in the hold, rubber or plastic mats and trays that can easily be hosed off, stain-resistant seat and carpet materials, or urethane that can be readily wiped clean. We can actually see a time in the not-too-distant future when dog-owner trim levels are offered. Honda Element Milk-Bone edition. Subaru Forester Eukanuba STi. Dodge Caliber Dog Chow R/T. Volvo XC90 Science Diet. Actually, there is already a huge canine car accessory market in the U.S., and Honda even offers a dog friendly trim level on its Vamos in Japan.

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[Source: Tough Pups Gazette]

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