Another Guinness World Record: Longest Contiguous Line of MINIs

How many MINIs does it take to screw in a light bulb earn a world record? Apparently 273. Last Sunday, June 10, 273 MINIs old and new lined up at Virginia Beach and stretched over five miles to re-establish the record for the longest continuous line of MINIs set just last year. The parade of MINIs just edged the 269 cars that congregated in the UK last year. The tiny cars assembled and then drove along "in an uninterrupted chain more than 5 miles long!" Survivor Season One finalist, Rudy Boesch, led the parade of cars that got rolling at 1 PM. Some two hours later the last MINI was underway. 40 minutes later the group had covered 5.8 miles and set the record. Five miles of MINIs sounds like some kind of punchline, but it's an official Guiness-certified World Record now. Or at least it will be when the paperwork reaches Guinness World Record Headquarters in London next week.

There's an online album of pics from the event available by clicking here and a list of those involved who deserve credit after the jump.

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[Source: Motoring File]

A big part of the fun in an event like this is getting to be a part of history, so all of the folks behind it deserve some recognition. Virginia Beach City Councilman Bob Dyer and Officer Randall Verdin of the Virginia Beach Police Department served as witnesses to verify the results. Sponsors included Checkered Flag BMW/MINI, MINIUSA, C.P.Shuckers Restaurant on Shore Drive, Ashley and Associates Insurance Agency, Whalen Shift Machine Custom Knobs, Conklins Irish Rover and MC2 Magazine. And the bulk of the cars came from MINI Clubs like Se7en Cities MINI, DC Metro MINIs, HR Club MINI, River City MINIs, PhillyMINI, NEO MINIs, Tarheels MINI, M2C2 and attendees from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC, Indiana and West Virginia. Big pat on the back to all involved. But don't get too complacent. We're sure the Brits wont take this dishonor lying down, so look for 280 or so MINIs to gather across the pond in 2008 to reclaim the crown.

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