VIDEO: Kubica crashes Canadian GP

UPDATE: All video of the Kubica crash on YouTube has been removed at the request of F1. Click

By all accounts, yesterday's Canadian Grand Prix was one of the most entertaining races in recent memory. Unfortunately for Lewis Hamilton, who took his first Formula One victory, his achievements driving for McLaren were overshadowed by the considerable amount of contact that took place between drivers and solid objects.

The most horrific crash could have easily taken the life of BMW driver Robert Kubica, who was coming into the hairpin at upwards of 180 MPH when he lost steering control and slammed, head-on, into one of the barriers. From there, he was punted across the track, missing a few of his competitors, hitting the adjacent wall and finally coming to rest on his side. Reports say that he came away with only a broken leg, although BMW had't confirmed that as of this writing, which judging by the video footage after the jump, speaks volumes about how far safety equipment has come in motorsport.

You can check out a video of the crash after the break, and click here for a brief rundown of yesterday's event.

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