Study: Kids are the biggest driver distraction

OK, anyone with kids probably said the same thing we did after reading the headline, "Duh." We hope LV, a British insurance company, didn't pay much for this study, which says distractions from kids cause even more accidents than mobile phones. They could have asked almost anyone with children what's more distracting and gotten their answer for free.
The study also found that women are more likely to go into "automatic pilot" mode when driving. By that they mean women are more likely to arrive at their destination and have no recollection of their drive. Which is pretty scary,actually, but could explain all those SUVs on the highways drifting from lane to lane with no signals. Either that or all those 'utes have screaming kids in the back seat keeping the drivers from hearing their mobile phone properly.

WhatCar suggests providing games for the kids to play while traveling and taking multiple breaks to let them work off some energy. We say this might be good support for inventing some sort of Plexiglass wall to fit between front and back seats. Kinda like you see on Cops, but without the handcuffs. On the other hand...

[Source: WhatCar]

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