A look into the high-CAFE future: lighter, taller, smaller cars

Actual debate on the fate of legislation that would raise CAFE standards is just getting starting this week in the U.S. Senate, but Automotive News' Rick Kranz has been thinking about what the law might do to the look of cars cruising American roads for the next decade or more. The short, short version of his article (subs req'd): vehicles will probably be lighter, slightly smaller and taller.

Kranz says cars like the Ford Five Hundred ( Taurus), seen above, and the Dodga Caliber, hint at the body styles we're likely to see more of as automakers change cars to meet the rules. The reason is that different model classifications might have different fuel economy targets. If the rules are decided by where the wheels hit the road, for example, then you can gain space by making the car taller instead of wider or longer where you'd bump into the next mpg category.

The whole article is worth reading (if you've got a subscription). How would taller, slightly smaller cars fit into your lifestyle?

[Source: Automotive News]

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