VIDEO: Transformers stop-motion fan film feeds the need

Back when Star Wars Episode 1-3 were being made, die-hard fans (read: geeks) were dressing up like their favorite Tatooine character, and making elaborate home-made movies that put themselves in the action. Well, it looks like the upcoming Transformers movie has reached another level of popularity, as shorts are now being made from the comforts of some fans' (or their parents') basements.

30-year-old newbie filmmaker Ruben Martinez made a very well produced and written stop-motion Transformers movie that he's showing on YouTube, and we can honestly say we're quite impressed. The production was created using a few TF toys, a Logitech web cam, and some free stop-motion software. The end result is a clever four minute clip with some genuine Transformers comedy, and interaction reminiscent of the old cartoon. Ruben even has a MySpace page dedicated to his favorite toy. He says he's planning on doing more movies, too. We're looking forward to seeing what else he comes up with. Follow the jump to see his first effort.

We're still a few weeks shy of the premiere of Transformers, and our favorite robots are everywhere, from Autoblog to YouTube to MySpace, where you'll find a cover of the Transformers theme song from the movie soundtrack by Mute Math.

[Source: YouTube]

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