Paging Undercover Brother: your car wax is here

Believing there's no reason for a premium carnuba wax to cost more than $60, Dom Colbeck created his own line of value-priced-yet-premium waxes called Dodo Juice. The name is a dig at the waxes that must contain some combination of angels wings and mists from Jupiter in order to explain their $14,000+ prices. Other waxes don't tell you what their secret ingredients are -- but the secret ingredient in Dodo Juice is ... dodo juice. Don't ask. The DJ comes in five flavors of soft and hard waxes and there is one for every vehicle color. There were no long dead, flightless waterfowl harmed in its making, but we still don't imagine Paul the Detailer will be switching any time soon.

[Source: Piston Heads]

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