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Greenwich Concours d'Elegance - The Parking Lot

Click image for a gallery of rides in the parking lot

One of the fun sideshows associated with the Greenwich Concours is the walk through the public parking lot across the street from the event itself. There's no shortage of interesting vehicles in Greenwich and in New York's Westchester County (which is next door), and many of the Concours patrons drove some neat machinery to the show.

The eye candy outside included a Ford Lotus Cortina that I stupidly didn't photograph (someone I spoke to inside the show said it was probably Jamie Kitman's), a Renault 5 Turbo 2, an actual off-road-worthy Escalade (I did a double-take when I saw it), and a seemingly limitless number of Ferrari 360 Modenas. One of my favorites had to be the the Ford GT you see above. I mean, I like the GT anyway, but that 'LEMANS3X' vanity plate put it over the top. Plenty more to see in the gallery below. And that, my friends, concludes coverage of the 2007 Greenwich Concours. We'll do it again next year.
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