Carry more in your convertible ... in a bag on your trunk

The English take their convertibles seriously. They also take their road tripping seriously. Put the two together and, as far as luggage room goes, you usually come up with a very short short jaunt or heading to a destination that doesn't require much clothing. Well, as Darwin found, there is no end to the craftiness that takes place on an island. Antony Dixon, tired of driving from Britain to Le Mans in his Miata with a garbage bag full of items tied to a trunk-mounted rack ... has created a waterproof PVC bag that you can tie directly to your trunk. It's called The Boot Bag, and it gives you 50 liters of additional space (about two cubic feet). It sits on a non-slip membrane and has no sharp edges, so it won't nick your car. We do believe it will, however, make you look like you've been kicked out of your house. But if you really need the room, it's yours for $120.

[Source: Piston Heads]

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