A new scooter site that's worth checking out

Considering my affinity with riding on two wheels for the benefit of saving money on gas, there are very few sites out there that cater to the two-wheeled riding crowd that I am not aware of. So, that is why I was surprised when I stumbled on this new site: justgottascoot.com by David Harrington. If you are interested in riding a scooter for the near 100 miles per gallon, or are thinking of purchasing one, you owe it to yourself to read his scooter reviews, commentary and even listen to his podcasts. There is a forum you can join as well, and read about other people who have decided that scooting is for them.

While on the subject of scooting, I always try to remind riders to be safe. If you are a new rider, or are interested in riding safely, why not click here and get a few tips. You can never be too safe, as they say...

[Source: Just Gotta Scoot]

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