The Mach Five goes live! Speed Racer microsite hits the web

Although the majority of our fanboy energy has been devoted to all things Transformers-related, we still have a bit left over for the upcoming release of the live action version of Speed Racer. With Senors Larry and Andy Wachowski at the helm, the potential for excellence runs high, and judging by the acting talent they've enlisted, we doubt this will be a dud.
Still, as buzz-worthy as Speed and his pals may be, one defining characteristic of any soon-to-be-released flick is its own microsite, which Speed Racer hasn't had until now. The site just went live and the majority of the content focuses on the recent press event held in Germany where the Mach 5 was unveiled. There's a brief synopsis of the characters and the struggles that will unfold during the film, plus bios of the actors involved, but until they post a trailer, we'll say that it's only for the hardest of hardcore Speed fans.

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