AudiWorld flogs the 535HP MTM RS4 Clubsport

Messing with perfection is a tough trade, but for the world-renowned Audi tuners at MTM, it's another day at the office. Based out of Wettstetten, a suburb of Ingolstadt, and headed by an ex-Audi engineer who took part in the development of the quad-ring's turbo'd five-cylinder engines of the '80s, MTM has a hard-earned reputation for being the best in the biz, and they're not letting that rep subside.

Their newest creation is tasked with pushing the performance envelope of Audi's most hardcore grocery-getter, the RS4. By strapping a liquid-to-air intercooled, Lysolm-type supercharger onto the 4.2-liter V8, the MTM RS4 Clubsport can surge to sixty in under four seconds. How's that possible? A strict diet and a motor able to produce 535 HP and 428 ft.-lb. of torque – all on the stock internals.

Naturally, power is only part of the equation, as the RS4 Clubsport hits up WeightWatchers to drop 350 pounds off the car's curb weight, even with the addition of safety equipment and larger brakes. Other necessary mods include a revised suspension and the awkward carbon fiber power bulge that makes room for the supercharger beneath the hood.

AudiWorld has a full review of MTM's RS4 Clubsport, with tons of technical details about the car, the company and the facility in which it's being developed. It's well worth the read.

Oh, and since the RS4 and the R8 share the same engine, the supercharger development on the 4.2-liter V8 is serving as a test bed for a 500+ HP R8. When that comes out, we hope that we can live vicariously through AudiWorld again.

[Source: AudiWorld]

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