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Toyota: not just a million hybrids sold worldwide...

Toyota also projects that they will sell 250,000 hybrids in America this year alone. We wanted to highlight this little tidbit, which was included in the release we wrote about yesterday. New models such as the Camry hybrid, GS 450h, RX 400h, LS 600hL make this a pretty realistic goal. Of course, some of these models save more fuel than others, however, it still adds up to Toyota being by far the leader in hybrid sales.
There are some interesting statistics from Toyota. All hybrids sold (66 percent of which have been Toyotas in the U.S.) have been estimated to have saved 215 million gallons of gas since 1999. And since 1997, hybrids have saved the world 315 million tons of CO2. These calculations come from a study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and if they're accurate, that seems pretty impressive. Let's keep on trucking hybrid-ing.

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[Source: Toyota]

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