Frankfurt could bring two Mercedes S-Class hybrids

We already brought you news the other day that Mercedes is set announce a diesel hybrid version of the big S-Class sedan in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It now appears that a gasoline hybrid will be sitting alongside it on the stand under the three-pointed star. At the Frankfurt show in 2005, Mercedes also showed both gas and diesel hybrid versions of the S-Class but didn't provide much detail aside from the electric motor being integrated into the drive-train.

This tends to point in the direction of a new application of the Two-Mode hybrid being developed by GM, DCX and BMW, although it may also be mild hybrid that Mercedes is developing just with BMW. Either way, it looks like Mercedes will not follow Lexus's lead by using the hybrid to enhance power like the LS600h. Instead, the gas hybrid will slot into the middle of the lineup mated to a 3.5L direct injected V-6. This will reportedly yield over 25mpg combined in the 4,500lb S-Class.

[Source: AutoCar (subs req'd)]

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