eBay Find of the Day: Eagle Premier, meet bandsaw...

click above image to view more angles of this cut-in-half Eagle Premier

We admitted our affection for the underappreciated Eagle Premier a while back, but seeing one irreparably sawed in half still makes us grin. This car was given its unorthodox chop job by California's Premiere Studio Rentals as preparation for a starring role in a TV commercial. The spot, called "In Half", promotes Dunkin Donuts new frozen confection disguised as an "energy drink," as if that softens the massive caloric blow to your system. You'd need a large living room to house this conversation piece, and TV props are never as pretty in person as they are on screen, so we'd expect a level of undesireable rattiness to this piece, especially after shooting. It would be a cool attention-getter for a body shop or something, though an even better demonstration of their skills would be stitching the sedan back together so the julienne slice was invisible. Somehow, we don't see reassembly happening. Get your bids in, though - currently, it's at $50 with 6 days left.

Check out the commercial in which this half off Eagle Premier stars after the jump.

Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Souce: eBay]

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