CAW Union head Buzz Hargrove threatens to take GM down in '08 if...

Things are not looking good for American automakers' plants in Windsor, Ontario. Canadian Auto Workers Union head Buzz Hargrove was upset when Ford shut down a plant in Windsor a while back, and now he's directing his frustration towards General Motors. Recently, St. Catherines, also in Canada and represented by the CAW, was awarded a new contract to build transmissions for GM. St. Catherines had never had a contract to build transmissions for GM before, and the CAW was expecting the Windsor plant to get that contract. The Windsor plant now has no product to build and nothing in the pipeline, and Hargrove is threatening more than just a strike: a total take-down of General Motors. The union would like to see a new product there, not something that will take another plant down in lieu of Windsor. Read more about that here. We'll give you a few choice phrases from Hargrove and Chris Buckley, president of Local 222, after the jump. They sound pretty serious about this, as you'll read.

[Source: The Windsor Star via Autospies]

"I say to them, you better find a G** damn product for Windsor or we'll take all of the General Motors corporation down in September 2008. General Motors workers have earned the commitment, especially in Windsor."

"If there's a strike, it's the whole GM chain that's out, not just one plant."

-Buzz Hargrove

"General Motors is the enemy, brothers and sisters. At the end of the day, GM made a decision to put your jobs in jeopardy. Don't let General Motors divide our solidarity, because if they do, they win."

"This Windsor Transmission plant will be top on our agenda. It's going to be our objective to force General Motors to put a product in that plant. If they don't, then we'll take action. If it takes a strike in Canada to get their attention, that's exactly what we're going to be doing. The Windsor membership has the full support of GM members across the country."

-Chris Buckley

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