Wood you drive this Skoda? Knot us.

The owner of this car must have been barking mad when fitting this Skoda with, um, alternative, eco-friendly tires. We have a few questions, though. Do you decide when to replace them by counting the remaining rings instead of looking at wear indicators? Is the ride on these things as wooden as it looks? Does it handle well, or just sort of lumber through the corners? Are they made by Firewood, Woodyear or Oakohama? Is the spare full-size or just a sapling? Does the owner need a lumberjack when changing one, or will conventional equipment work as well? It's hard to tell what kind of tree these wheels were hewn from, but is it possible they're from a rubber tree? Do they do well in the rain or just get waterlogged?

Root around over at Hemmings and see several other shots of this against-the-grain car.

Feel free to add your own. Chop chop!

[Source: Hemmings]

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