ISE Corp and Altair Nanotechnologies developing lithium batteries together

ISE Corporation and Altair Nanotechnologies have agreed to jointly develop and supply Lithium rechargeable battery packs for use in hybrid electric and all electric heavy duty vehicles such as heavy duty buses, trucks, military vehicles and airport ground support equipment.

Altairnano will provide NanoSafeTM cells and batteries for battery packs based on their proprietary lithium titanate electrode materials, and data on the proper care and management of their cells and batteries. ISE will design the system utilizing its data on operating environments, vehicle shock and vibration criteria, vehicle duty cycles, software and control electronics. Other cooperative areas will include cell equalization and packaging of the commercial product.

In a statement, Dr. Alan J. Gotcher, president and CEO of Altairnano, said, "We believe that Altair's NanoSafe power storage products combined with ISE's control electronics and heavy duty vehicle packaging experience will enable our partnership to provide excellent product solutions to the heavy vehicle industry, a new market for Altairnano."

David Mazaika, president and CEO of ISE Corporation, was just as confident. ""ISE intends to continue to be a leader in the development of energy storage solutions for heavy duty electric and hybrid electric vehicles. We are excited to have partnered with Altairnano and feel that Altairnano's unique nano technology yields power storage solutions with high power and extremely long life that are ideally suited to maximize the performance of heavy duty hybrid vehicles," he said.

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[Source: Altair and ISE]

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