Hale group announces ethanol 2012 study

The Hale Group, Ltd. and its affiliates have announced the Ethanol 2012 Study. This report is designed to define the forces that will impact the U.S. ethanol industry during the next five years and to develop appropriate competitive strategies. The study will have as collaborators experts in petroleum, agricultural, technology and policy.

Some of the questions that will be addressed during this study are the prediction on oil prices for the next 5 years and the factors that affect it, the components of the US energy, agriculture, and trade policy during the next few years, the role corn ethanol plays in that policy, possible changes in US biofuels policy, the impact of imports and when cellulosic ethanol will be available.

The conclusions of the study will be sold as a course aimed at current ethanol producers, companies that are considering entry into the industry, financial firms that have an investment in the ethanol industry, service providers to the ethanol industry, and governmental agencies.

[Source: Hale Group]

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