Ed Begley, Jr. goes cross-country (6,284 miles) in a Prius

Getting ready for the second season of Living with Ed and doing some promotion for greener living, Ed Begley, Jr. is taking to the American road. Begley wil go from LA to Fla. to D.C. and back. Intent on saving money and jet fuel, Begley is driving himself rather than flying. We find this note on Ecorazzi, which doesn't cite a source. So I'll just relay what they're saying verbatim; considering this is our friend Ed we're talking about, the info seems on the up and up to me:
"Ed Begley, Jr. is off on another one of his hybrid-car cross-country trips. He left Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, June 5 in his Prius, driving to Florida for a June 8 World Ocean Day event. Then, he'll drive up to Washington D.C. where he is the master of ceremonies for the June 11 National Trust for Historic Preservation / HGTV Restore America event which includes an introduction of the first lady Laura Bush. Then, he'll depart D.C. for San Diego, CA where he will speak at the San Diego County Del Mar Fair on June 16. Then it's back to L.A. to continue filming the 2nd season of Living With Ed. According to Ed, the drive is part "saving money", part "eliminating the burning of jet fuel" and part "vacation". In total, the trip will encompass appx. 6,284 miles of driving."

[Source: Ecorazzi]

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