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Brabus' claim to fame is its apparent willingness to do anything short of affixing a solid rocket booster to a Mercedes just to make it go faster. Short of such NASA tech, the tuner will happily swap out your car's existing engine for one of its insanely powerful SV12 S biturbo mills when applicable, but if that exceeds your budgetary constraints (or it doesn't fit in your ride), there are still alternatives. For example, Brabus can simply tune drivers' existing engines, even when said engine is the already heady AMG 6.2L V8. The newly-announced B63 S tuning package does exactly that. It's comprised of some engine management reprogramming, a new air filter, and new cats, the combined effect of which boosts the V8's output to 550 horsepower from the pedestrian 515 it makes in stock form.

Like Ben Parker said, with great power comes great responsibility, so Brabus helpfully suggests you take the opportunity to also add some of its additional bells and whistles to ensure this newfound power gets down to the ground sans any unwanted drama. You know the deal -- suspension, wheel/tire, aero, etc. – Brabus can provide all these things, too, assuming your checkbook can take the heat.

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550 hp / 404 kW and a Top Speed of up to 330 km/h for all Mercedes 63 AMG Models

Even more power for all Mercedes 63 AMG models: BRABUS presents its B63 S engine tuning, which boosts power output of the high-revving 6.2-liter V8 to 550 hp / 404 kW and peak torque to 650 Nm. With a sprint time from rest to 100 km/h of just 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 330 km/h a CLS 63 AMG with B63 S tuning turns in performance worthy of a true super sports car.

The BRABUS power kit comprises newly programmed engine electronics with special mapping for injection and ignition. But that's not all: The intake side features a sport air filter for improved supply of combustion air. The exhaust side features high-performance metal catalysts with low back pressure that also ensure that the tuned V8 engine meets stringent EURO IV emission limits.

In order to transfer the increased power to the road with minimum slip BRABUS recommends the BRABUS locking differential for all Mercedes 63 models with rear wheel drive. The diff lock has a locking rate of up to 40 percent.

The BRABUS B63 S performance kit is available for all Mercedes 63 AMG models. With 550 hp / 404 kW the ML 63 accelerates in 4.9 seconds from 0 -100 km/h and reaches a top speed of 275 km/h in combination with the BRABUS V/max unit.

This extraordinary performance represents a good argument for modifications to tires, suspension and brakes. Depending on the Mercedes 63 AMG model in question BRABUS offers custom-tailored tire/wheel combinations up to size 11Jx23 with tires up to 315/25 R 23 in size. To further improve the already excellent handling characteristics BRABUS has developed a control module for the ABC suspensions that lowers the ride height by some 20 millimeters. BRABUS sport stabilizers reduce body roll and optimize turn-in.

The BRABUS high-performance brake system offers stopping power and endurance normally only found in purebred sports cars. It is available for all Mercedes 63 AMG models, upon customer request even in a special version with ceramic discs. The front axle features 380 x 36 millimeter discs and 12-piston aluminum fixed calipers. The rear axle is fitted with six-piston fixed calipers and 355 x 28 mm brake discs.

The list of BRABUS exclusive interior accessories ranges from genuine carbon-fiber trim and scuff plates with illuminated BRABUS logo to ergonomically shaped sport steering wheels and a speedometer with 360-km/h dial.

Upon customer request the company-own upholstery shop crafts especially exclusive BRABUS interiors from a combination of especially soft yet highly durable BRABUS Mastik leather and Alcantara.

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