Michigan State professor Bruce Dale on corn and cellulosic ethanol

Last week, I went to a presentation set up by GM at a US BioEnergy ethanol plant in Woodbury, MI. Right after I returned, I posted a video of US BioEnergy execs and then an audio clip of GM's Tom Stephens from the event. I recorded more material, but only decided today that this next clip might be good enough to share after listening to it again.

One of the presenters that day was Professor Bruce Dale, from Michigan State University. He spoke on what MSU is doing to move the country away from petroleum. He has been working on cellulosic ethanol for three decades, and a lot of that time has been on the process called AFEX (ammonia fiber expansion). He predicts cellulosic ethanol will cost 60 cents a gallon to produce .... in 20 years. Dale was also one of the experts invited to meet President Bush a few months ago - when the president didn't almost kill himself - and he portrays the president in that meeting as seriously interested in the alternatives to oil.

So, with these stories and tidbits, I thought some of our readers would like to hear what Dale had to say. The reason I held back was that this recording is not as clear as the clips I usually post. The event wasn't mic'd very well, and I was in the back of the room. But, you can hear what he's saying and if you're really interested in cellulosic ethanol, you'll probably learn a thing or two. Just don't complain about the sound quality, cuz you've been warned. Listen to Professor Dale here.


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