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How about 1000 for your old junker? All you gotta do is buy a Vauxhall

Here's another World Environment Day announcement, this one from GM: Vauxhall will give buyers a nice £1000 discount on efficient new Corsa, Astra, Meriva or Zafira models (but not a VXR8) if they recycle their old cars. Car UK has the details on this plan, which is part of GM's ecoFLEX campaign.
Any type of car can be traded in for the incentive, and that's a good thing. In most cases, the older a car is, the more it pollutes, and scrapping deals like this one are good for the buyer and the environment. According to Car UK, Vauxhall says exchanging an old Corsa for a new one could save £300 in fuel costs as well as 800kg of CO2 a year. If you get a new CO2RSA, it might be exempt from London congestion charges. If this deal interests you, you've got at least until the end of August to make it to the dealer. At that point, the program will be reviewed.

[Source: Car UK]

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