"Get me a Prius" Project

Barely masquerading as a green activist, Ricardo Pereira from Lisbon, Portugal is trying to raise funds from web surfers to buy himself a Toyota Prius. He claims that in addition to feeling good and generous, a contributor is also aiding in the conservation of emissions and non-renewable fossil fuels. He has the audacity to ask every visitor to his site, Get Me A Prius, to contribute 1.25 euro, or $1.70 to add up to the goal of 32,700 euros, or $44,145. Why in the world a Prius would cost that much, I haven't the faintest idea. I doubt that using the excess to personalize his new ride would really aid in the struggle against global warming. He could almost get two Priuses for that money. At least so far he's only accumulated $38.05, probably just a tank of gas for whatever heap he's pedaling around now.

I think I can one-up him. I'll start a website called the "Make a Tesla Foundation". Everyone can contribute a dollar or more to the pool to buy me a Tesla Roadster. That way, they not only have the warm, fuzzy feeling of making someone deliriously happy, but my car will emit no CO2, consume no fossil fuels, and further alternative fuel awareness. Oh, and if I place one or two more adds and banners on my website, I'll get to my goal even faster. Yay!

[Source: Get Me A Prius]

UPDATE: Ricardo has "discontinued the project," as he realized it was unfair to ask for something without giving anything in return. He apologizes if he offended anyone.

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