Good news for the blue oval. The newest engine production line at Ford Dagenham's (East of London) plant has won a green award within two months of starting up. The award was given by judges from Business Commitment to the Environment (BCE). This plant currently produces a 1.6 liter diesel engine and is starting the 1.4 liter production this month (this engine, when powering the Fiesta, emits less 120 CO2 g/km).

What are the measures Ford has implemented in this plant? Fluids used during the machining of new engines are blended from vegetable oil rather than mineral oil. Metal filings and other waste from the machining process are squeezed dry of lubricants and sold on as briquettes for recycling. They have also implemented measures for fluid recycling, designing high efficiency coolant, extraction and chiller plant systems and installing two 3MW wind turbines. Dagenham is Ford's only wind-powered plant worldwide.

[Source: Ford]

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