US Ag Secretary: It's not about food or fuel, it's about food and fuel

Food prices rise; that's just a truth of contemporary life. For some people, there's a debate on whether prices for things like tortillas are affected by so much corn going to make ethanol (but not all of that is food-grade). US Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns is urging people to think about the whole picture before blaming corn ethanol for recent price increases. Part of the bigger picture is an increase in the price of diesel fuel, Johanns said. "What's a significant piece of the food chain? It's moving that commodity from farm to table," he said to a group of farm broadcasters in Washington D.C. recently.
Domestic Fuel has more on Johanns' statements, but after you read what they say, share your thoughts on food prices in your area. Do you buy local? Avoid strawberries in winter? That sort of thing.

[Source: Domestic Fuel]

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