Fun with Forza Motorsport 2: User-created cars

click above image to view more user-created cars from Forza 2

Forza Motorsport 2 debuted on the Xbox 360 recently as the premier driving game for Microsoft's next-gen console. We haven't picked it up yet, but will be heading to Best Buy soon with our coupon in hand to procure it. Until then, our blogging brothers over at Joystiq found some Forza fans who are already having a good time designing their own cars in the game's editing mode. We particularly like the Bewitched Charger, Super Mario Bros. Skyline and For a Few Dollars More Mustang. There's plenty more to see in our gallery, and gamers have been adding new pics to this forum thread at a steady pace. If you have any cool creations, send high-rez shots to abresearch at gmail dot come and we'll add them to our gallery.

[Source: via Joystiq]

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