Chevy cancels Cobalt SS Supercharged for 2008

It's been a little while since we talked about the Cobalt SS Supercharged and maybe that's part of the problem. Although this sporty version of the econo-minded Cobalt and one step up from the non-blown Cobalt SS has won its share of accolades from sporting organizations and publications, it hasn't seemed to keep up with the vehicles at the head of the sporty compact class. We know that it is a competent performer, but it seems that GM has quietly decided to discontinue it. The naturally aspirated SS, however, will soldier on, but with a new name. For 2008, the Cobalt SS becomes the Cobalt Sport, and the Cobalt SS Supercharged is being dropped altogether. It could be that Chevy wants to focus more attention on the upcoming HHR SS we showed you a little while ago. Whatever the reasoning, it appears the little Cobalt that could, will be no more. Unless, of course, Chevy is just working on finding a way to get the GXP/Redline 260-hp mill into the Cobalt's engine bay. Follow the jump for the full list of changes for the 2008 Cobalt.

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[Source: GM]

  • (21U) Laser Blue Metallic exterior color
  • (56U) Sunburst Orange Metallic exterior color
  • LTZ Sedan model
  • SS Supercharged Coupe model

New Features
  • (37U) Imperial Blue Metallic exterior color
  • (39U) Blue Flash Metallic exterior color
  • (87U) Slate Metallic exterior color
  • (JL4) StabiliTrak stability control system
  • (NW9) Traction control
  • (ASD) Head-curtain side-impact air bag delete for Fleet and Government order types
  • (UE0) OnStar delete for Fleet and Government order types

  • 1AM37 is now called Sport Coupe and the equipment group code is now 1SP
  • 1AM69 is now called Sport Sedan and the equipment group code is now 1SP
  • (TV5) Sport Package is now called Performance Appearance Package and is an available option on 2LT Coupe and 2LT Sedan. The 3LT Coupe and 3LT Sedan equipment groups are deleted.
  • (ASF) Head-curtain side-impact air bags are now standard on all models
  • (US8) AM/FM stereo with CD player and MP3 playback is now standard on all models
  • (U2K) XM Satellite Radio is now standard on all models
  • Instrument panel uppers are now Ebony on all models
  • LT Sedan with neutral interior now has woodgrain trim

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