More proof of Jeremy Clarkson's literary genius

It is well known that the inimitable Jeremy Clarkson has a way with words. Especially when they're uncomplimentary. In fact, as a measure of how much his wit can hurt, when Clarkson actually does give a compliment, a carmaker might simply be happier about not getting roasted than about getting a good review.

The London Times has posted a dozen delicious lines from various Clarkson reviews for those who need a gleeful laugh to round out their Saturday. You don't even need to be told who wrote them, because who couldn't identify the scribe in question from the scent of just this one line: "If you were to buy a 6-series, I recommend you select reverse when leaving friends' houses so they don't see its backside." (BMW 645 Ci, #11).

One of the great things about Clarkson is that he doesn't spare any carmaker his thoughts on everything. The Ferrari 599 (#12) and Maserati Quattroporte (#1) take their lumps alongside Kia (#3) and Perodua (#5). One of our favorites: "I'm choosing the words for my conclusion with even more care than usual. So here goes. The 1-series is crap." (#2) As always with Clarkson, it's well worth more than just one read.

Thanks for the tip, Tom!

[Source: London Times]

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