John McCormick from The Detroit News shares his thoughts on CO2

While I was reading this column, I almost thought I was perusing my latest copy of Car and Driver. Then, I realized that the writing was not as good, and the attempts at humor less successful. But, anyway, John McCormick did cover some of the points that Patrick Bedard consistently seems to touch on in his monthly column. Namely that global warming is either fake or that man's contribution to greenhouse gases is insubstantial.

One thing that McCormick wrote did make me think, though. Is it really fair to "double tax" certain automobiles based on both their gasoline consumption and their CO2 output? I'll go out on a limb and say yes. Why? Because the two items are different. Gasoline consumption is closely tied with a vehicle's emissions, but they are certainly two different measurables of a vehicle's impact on the environment.

Walking further out on that limb, let me suggest that the gas-guzzler tax and the so called Clean Air Discount Bill which McCormick's article is about (not a law - just a proposal at this time) should probably not be as high as they currently are. A higher gas tax across the board would have greater effect, and isn't that the point of both laws in the first place? With a gas tax, all vehicles are treated exactly the same, which seems to make more sense.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Remember, if you want to have some influence yourself, you can always contact Congress as was suggested by the Auto Alliance themselves.

[Source: John McCormick / Detroit News]

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