Introducing the Corbin Raven, a three-wheeled 100 mpg vehicle

You've gotta hand it to Mike Corbin. Mike started building comfortable seats for himself and his friends, and successfully started a business out of his hobby. Not just any business, either. Corbin is one of the leading aftermarket makers for custom cycle seats, luggage and more. But, Mike has more hobbies than just that one, he is also interested in making small vehicles which are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. His first commercial vehicle along these lines is probably familiar to many of our readers, the Corbin Sparrow. After a little while, the Sparrow operation was picked up by Myers Motors, which you have also seen here at AutoblogGreen. The vehicle that Myers sells is known as the NmG, for No more Gas, as it is completely electric.

Corbin is now set to introduce the Corbin Raven. The Raven is based upon the same principle as the Sparrow, that many Americans do not need the very large automobiles that are currently their only choices. Except this time, the vehicle is not electric, but uses a small three-cylinder gasoline engine. Corbin projects that the vehicle should get better than 100 miles per gallon and should sell for less than $12,000.

Other vehicles such as this one are currently under development as well. One that immediately comes to my mind is the XR3 from Robert Q. Riley. This one is familiar to me, as I have seen it in its early development stage. Read more about it here.

I am rather excited about the possibilities that vehicles like these could bring. For less than half the cost of the average car that most people buy, a consumer can use less than half the gas, or even none at all, depending on the maker of the vehicle. If the cars are capable on the highway, like they should be, will a market develop for them? I hope so.

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[Source: Corbin via Straightline]

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