Corbin Raven 3-wheeler prototype hits the road

There is currently a growing list of three-wheeled vehicles set to be sold in America. One reason for this trend is that by losing out on the fourth wheel, the vehicle is officially classified as a motorcycle and is therefore exempt from much of the safety testing that is required for automobiles. Some three-wheelers are more like cars than others, and the Corbin Raven qualifies as rather car-like in its execution. Consider the windshield, which offers some relief from wind and weather. Note the steering wheel replacing the handlebars, and foot pedals as opposed to hand controls. The vehicle appears to be front-wheel drive as well, and offers three-wheel steering. Also of note are what appear to be hydraulic tubes connected to the rear hub, which would explain how the rear-wheel steering operates.

There are many questions that hopefully will be answered soon, such as if heating and air conditioning are to be offered. We don't see a windshield wiper on the concept, either. One wonders what the frontal body work might look like, as well. It should also be noted that this is not Mike Corbin's first three-wheeled vehicle, the first one being the electric Corbin Sparrow. The Sparrow is now sold as the NmG, which stands for "No more Gas". Corbin is known for its motorcycle accessories, specifically seats, luggage and windshields. With gas prices on the rise, would any of you be interested in a vehicle such as the Raven, if it indeed is able to reach 100 miles per gallon and sell for less than $12,000?

[Source: Straightline]

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