Behold the Flueguar!

The Manolo. He reads the Autoblog. Which is pretty cool, actually. The shoe/styleblogger extraordinaire tipped us off on the fabulous Flueguar. Right about now, you may be wondering, "What the %$#! is a Flueguar?"

Allow us to elaborate.

The Flueguar, seen above, is shoe designer John Fluevog's lead-sled '65 Jaguar Mk X. The car was purchased when it was just a year old by his late dad, and over time it had decomposed into a neglected hulk. For all intents and purposes, it was dead. Fluevog decided to not take the easy way out and junk the ride, however. Instead, he embarked on a restoration/modification project with the help of RX Autoworks. That collaboration resulted in the homage to English elegance and American-style hot-rodder badassedness you see here.

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[Source: Fluevog Shoes via Manolo's Shoe Blog]

The big Brit saloon is now very much an Anglo-American hybrid (by way of British Columbia, where Fluevog is based -- maybe we should call it Anglo-North American just to be extra P.C.). The Anglo roots are still readily apparent in the passenger compartment, where the vintage Jag still shines through in the instrumentation, wheel, and beautiful wood dash. John's personal flair is also on display inside. The crocodile-stamped leather accents (check out the headliner -- beautiful) are a nod to his profession as a shoe guy, and they blend seamlessly with the car's classy interior.

The visual feast continues outside, where the Jag's original conservative looks have been jettisoned in glorious fashion. The old Mk X is now something that would look far more at home parked outside Mel's Drive-In than cruising the streets of London. Chopped, slammed and resculpted, it's something ripped from the pages of Hot Rod magazine. The front end is a minimalist take on the original Jaguar's appearance, spats completely hide the rear wheels, and those taillamps? They're from an E-Type, just mounted vertically. The two-tone scheme screams "Rodder!" and the car glides along on an air suspension, with power coming from a GM LT1 underhood.

It's a Jaguar. It's a hot rod. It's the Flueguar, and we love it completely.

Thanks to The Manolo for letting us know about it. You can read more at the John Fluevog Shoes website (where it's even immortalized on a t-shirt). also has a great photo gallery showing more than what we were able to bring you here. Check it out when you have a chance.

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