NOTE: After reading some of the excellent comments on this post, we decided to test this again from 30 miles away... and it didn't work. We're going to retest at a different location but similar distance to see what gave us the positive test. Stay tuned.

About a month ago my brother sent me an email explaining that if a friend or family member has the second key fob for your car, you can call them up on your cell phone, ask them to hold the key fob up to the phone, press the unlock button, and your car door will unlock. In theory, the sound waves from the key fob, which are unintelligible to the human ear, will be transmitted via the cell phone, and the doors will unlock. Well, we've seen enough spam emails before that were full of it, but we decided to see for ourselves if this works.

When we tested this theory, we were stunned to find out that it actually works. I was so excited that I pulled out the wife and daughter outside to shoot a quick video on the front lawn. Before getting this on camera, we tested it five times, and it worked every time but one. There was a lot of traffic during the one failed test, so our best guess is that the noise from the passing cars negated the sound from the key fob signal.

Mad props to the wife for getting eaten alive by bugs and keeping the camera still at the same time (for the most part). Hit the jump to check it out, it's pretty damn cool. Test this out with a friend or spouse, too, and let us know if it worked for you.

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