Today marks the beginning of Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel fuel production for off-road use. By December 1, it will available everywhere for fueling road construction, marine, agricultural and mining equipment. The nation's refineries are now producing the diesel, which has 85 percent less sulfur, decreasing its content from 3,000 to 500 parts per million. In the next three years, sulfur content will decrease to a mere 15 parts per million. The diesel engine truly is the "workhorse of the American economy" because of its durability, power, efficiency, and safety. Interestingly, nearly 100 percent of all road construction equipment runs on diesel. This will then dramatically reduce industrial equipment and vehicle emissions.

Clean diesel has been available for highway use since last year, and has dramatically reduced the emissions of existing diesel engines. In addition, new technologies like BlueMotion reduce it even more. Diesel is well on its way to becoming the most popular alternative fuel. How long it keeps its lead, though, is anyone's guess.

[Source: Diesel Technology Forum]

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