Introducing the Palumbo M-80

The Palumbo M-80 is another contender to be the next revolutionary sports car of our generation. Being a hybrid, it carves its niche between a Ferrari F430 and the Tesla Roadster. Its exciting design is meant to evoke the sense of excitement and emotion of the sports cars of the '60s, but with modern interpretation and new technology. Using an aluminum space frame and weighing in a 2,200 lbs., and hybrid setup similar to Toyota's - able run on electric power, ICE or both - making 350 horsepower, performance figures are expected to hit 0-60 mph times of 3.9 seconds, and achieve 46 mpg. You may want to clean that saliva off your keyboard before there's a short.

Joe Palumbo has a vision in the form of this Lamborghini-inspired supercar. But that wouldn't be enough for Joe. He intends to beat out the aforementioned F430 and the Porsche 911 as the ultimate daily driver - a car you can take to the track, set some records, and drive back home, stopping at the grocery store on the way, probably without having to stop at a gas station. And with its combination of Gallardo, Murcielago and Enzo cues, it will probably attract buyers like fat kids to an ice cream truck. Take a look at his gallery for more renderings. Personally, I think the headlights and front intake and facia need some revisions, but everything rear of the front wheels is perfect. Even as it is, I'm already dying to see a prototype. It looks as if he's planning for it to be a convertible as well. Be sure to take his Guest Survey, because the input he gets from that will likely shape the future product.

I think I speak for the AutoblogGreen team and our readers when I say, GO JOE!

[Source: Palumbo Motorcar Company of America]

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