First school bus in Puerto Rico retrofitted with diesel emission controls

A recent health study showed that kids in Puerto Rico are the most likely racial/ethnic group in the United States to have asthma and at least one contributor to that problem is the age of the island's diesel school bus fleet. Last month the first school bus that has been retrofitted with a new emission control system went into service.

CleanAIR Systems worked with consultant Emisstar to provide the equipment to modify the bus as part of the beginning of the Clean School Bus USA. The EPA is working with the Puerto Rico Clean School Bus USA Workgroup to get older buses updated with the new emissions equipment. The first bus was equipped with a CleanAIR ASSURE diesel oxidation converter that reduces particulates by twenty percent, hydrocarbons by fifty percent and carbon monoxide by sixty percent. The system is also compatible with both regular diesel and biodiesel.

[Source: CleanAIR Systems]

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