Spy Shots: Jaguar XF coming with 500HP

It appears that the XKR caught with Jaguar's new JaguarDrive gear selector was also accompanied by a group of test mules for the upcoming XF sedan. The convoy was encountered in Austria where Jaguar has rented a house and garage behind a gas station to work on the cars in private, or so they thought. While we've seen XF mules before, it's always fun to check in and see how the production car's development is progressing. One of the mules, in fact, is an S-Type with widened wheel flares, which could be a test car for the high-performance version of the XF. We reported a while back that Jaguar is planning on releasing two supercharged versions of the XF, one of which would use the current S-Type R's 4.2L V8 producing around 420 horsepower, and the other using a supercharged 5.0L V8 producing in excess of 500 hp. The XKR Coupe with which these XF mules were spotted, the one with JaguarDrive gear selector, is likely housing the supercharged 5.0L V8 that will also be used in the ultra high-performance XF sedan. Needless to say, the current horsepower wars have invaded the luxury sedan segment with both Jaguar and Cadillac readying their own 500+ horsepower four-doors.

[Source: Motor Authority, pic from Riicharrd and Crispijn]

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