Savvy driving saves money

One of the (relatively) unknown facts that Volvo has is a driving academy that gives a course on how to save gas with savvy driving.

The Volvo Cars Driving Academy (VCDA) is located in Göteborg, on the west of Sweden. About 12 students at a time enter the course. They first get to drive a set urban route with cars that are equipped with instruments to measure exact fuel consumption. Then after the class, the students then get to drive exactly the same route once more, applying their newly learned skills.

The results is that simple skills allow an average reduction of 8-10 percent in gas usage, although 15 percent can be achieved easily. The tips aren't rocket science and are just applications of common sense. Similar courses are offered by RACC and the ADAC.

[Source: Volvo]

Ten simple tips for more economical driving:

  1. Start with as little throttle as possible
  2. Change up quickly
  3. Maintain a steady speed
  4. Avoid really high speeds
  5. Don't let your car run at idling speed unless necessary (it's worth your while to switch off the engine if you're going to be at a standstill for more than 20 or 30 seconds)
  6. Use engine braking
  7. Don't brake unnecessarily
  8. Always maintain the correct pressure in your tyres (this saves both tyres and fuel)
  9. Don't drive around with a roof box unless you actually need it (some people really find fashionable to keep the ski racks in summer)
  10. Don't carry around any unnecessary loads in the car

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