Ridemakerz coming to a mall near you

Great, another retail establishment that can't spell. Here's a tip: " Z" does not equal "S." Using Z to pluralize words will also not make you hip or cool. Rather, it will point out that it's an obvious stab at being cool, without actually attaining coolness. Alphabet abuse aside, the concept of RideMakerz is cool. From the soft, cuddly folks at Build-A-Bear Workshop (and Chip Foose, natch) comes a less fluffy, more greasy idea. Those of us who spent hours inhaling Testor's model glue fumes finally have a mall refuge for our car-freak offspring. Kids can pick the type of vehicle they want to build, trick it out with accessories (pardon us, accessorie z), add decals, and even customize the license plate and add remote control capabilities, depending on Mom and Dad's available credit. The first store opens in Myrtle Beach this week, and the Mall Of America is going to get one soon, too. If they make you kiss the engine, turn around three times and recite some incantation, just watch out for the fan blades.

[Source: RideMakerz via Jalopnik]

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