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Have some fun in the sun with solar powered toys

Do you remember the hydrogen fuel cell powered toy cars that we have shown you in the past? If you do, you might also remember the fact that they are extremely expensive, which is the problem with hydrogen powered products of any kind. If you like the idea of alternative power for you kids, but can't quite afford the hydrogen version, consider going solar instead. Neat Solar Stuff offers a few vehicles and robots which are powered by solar energy. Some of their products will accept a small battery as well, which also brings up the idea of solar powered battery charging. Sometimes the best way to get your kids interested in cool new technologies like this is to make them fun!

As a side note, I find it interesting that these little vehicles are so much cheaper than hydrogen powered toys. The situation stays the same as the sizes increase, of course. This is why electric vehicles currently make a good deal more sense than hydrogen-powered vehicles, which are also electric.

[Source: Neat Solar Stuff via Hugg]

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