Rendered Speculation: Infiniti G37 hardtop convertible

The weather's finally stabilized here in Cleveland where this blogger lives and convertibles have begun to quickly populate the roadways. Thus, it's no surprise that news of convertibles has also begun to populate Autoblog. Earlier today we told you about speculation that Nissan's working on a drop-top Altima Coupe, and now we bring you a rendering found in a Japanese auto mag of an Infiniti G37 hardtop convertible. Now, we have no reason to believe Infiniti is actually developing a G37 vert besides the fact that it seems like a gimme. We imagine Infiniti is at least considering the this option for the G37 if for no other reason than the BMW 3-Series Coupe can be had with a folding hard top, and we all know the 3-Series sits squarely in the G35/G37's sights. For what it's worth, the rendering looks positively gorgeous, as if the car was designed with a convertible in mind from the get-go.
[Source: VWVortex via Jalopnik]

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