Miss Statue of Liberty green ferry to debut in 2008

Take a look above at the picture of the new green ferry, the Miss Statue of Liberty, which will be ferrying up to 600 passengers at a time to view the Statue of Liberty in New York. The statue, of course, reminds people of freedom, and being free of petroleum is what this ferry is all about. An on-board "solar sail" provides some electric power for the boat, and also is capable of catching the wind for forward motion. Additionally, there are two diesel engines which provide thrust. I would like to see real a picture of this craft, so if somebody knows where to find one, please reply to this post or shoot us a line.

The vessel is being made by Solar Sailor Holdings in Australia, at a cost of 8-10 million dollars. I will I had some data to compare that price to, but I haven't been ferry shopping in a while. This article says it will cost about $2 million more than a standard ferry, though. Another green touch: the design is said to create a small wake, which is better for the marine ecosystem.

[Source: WSTM News New York]

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